Top Shot by Anna Hofmann
Enrich your life with digital art
enjoy, trade, and collect digital art on your television or mobile screen
NOOW is all you need to buy, sell, and display digital artworks. With a click, users can securely invest in a digital Art Piece. What was once impossible to authenticate is now an owned original. Blockchain technology makes limited editions possible, protects copyrights, and enables collectors to increase and protect the value of their investment
available on Swisscom TV
Swisscom customers are the first to experience ART under the screen section "Schweizer Apps". More platforms coming soon.
we all need a new platform
Digital art is up and coming. But the market is small. We can help.
The artist
There is no art without our artists. NOOW is the preferred platform for digital artists because there is no easier way to bring artwork directly into living rooms, lobbies, and restaurants. Once the trading feature is launched, NOOW will also allow for passive income
Business owners
NOOW brings lobbies or hotel rooms to life with visionary digital art. Business owners can stream their art portfolios, as well as messages, to guests though our business signage solution
Art lover
Art lovers can find over 40 selected artists with more than 300,000 editions to collect, display, and enjoy
Art collector
A collection has no value if you can’t resell it. In Release 2, we will offer a trading platform for collectors
the NOOW ecosystem simplified
To be honest, it's quite a complex database. But lets keep this simple:
a) Art Database
High resolution artworks are stored in a fast and secure cloud infrastructure
b) Art Registry Blockchain
The ownership, provenance, & price of every artwork edition is documented on our blockchain
c) Cashflow
We provide cash flow management with royalties for artists
our applications
From a minimum viable product to a fully functional platform
1. IP TV
We launch an IP TV app on Swisscom TV. In the following years the app will scale worldwide
2. Platform
Our main application is a browser-based web app with full functionality
3. Portfolio
To enjoy purchased art, we provide several viewer apps to our customers (iOS, Android, Chromecast, Apple TV)
what you get with every artwork purchase
  • Blockchain-based certificate of authenticity
  • Tokenized edition of your artwork
  • Source file ownership with the right to resell
our open blockchain-based art registry is open to more art applications
Our API will provide additional services, enabling third parties to develop their own art services including auctions, peer-to-peer trading, and more.
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